Inbox Repair Tool Quick Features

  • Supports Microsoft Outlook 97, 98, 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2007.
  • Recovers messages, folders, appointments, meeting requests, contacts, tasks, in .pst files.
  • Recovers attachments, including the documents and images attached to messages in HTML bodies
  • Recovers .pst files larger then 2 GB.

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inbox repair tool
inbox repair tool
inbox repair tool
inbox repair tool
inbox repair tool

PST Repair Tool That Will Correct Any Error

Is Outlook suggesting you to run scanpst.exe every time you start Outlook?

What if scanpst.exe fails to repair the corrupted PST files?

How will you recover PST files?

Microsoft Outlook 2007 is the successor of Outlook 2003. Outlook 2007 is loaded with features. Just like the previous versions of Outlook, the data is stored in two types of files. One is OST (off line folders file) and the other is PST (personal folder file).

Every data that you store in Outlook is saved in PST format. It is stored on the local computer and therefore in more safe. Among the many type of data that can be stored in PST files are tasks, appointments, journals, calendar etc. Since these files store the personal information of a user it becomes a file of much worth. Like other data files, these files can also get corrupted. We can lose access to PST file. There are various reasons which can lead you to a situation of data damage.

  • Unexpected system shutdown can corrupt PST files to a great extent.
  • The size of a PST file if becomes greater than 2 GB.
  • Error in the file system of the computer.
  • Closing the Microsoft Outlook abruptly in the middle of a process.
  • Hard disk not functioning properly.

Although there are many more reasons which make the file corrupt, but looking to repair the file is more important for a user. That is why Microsoft has provided the Inbox repair tool or scanpst.exe in order to fix the errors in a PST file and make it useable for the user.

In spite of all the functionalities provided by scanpst.exe, in most of the cases of file corruption it fails to repair a file. Scanpst.exe fails to run because of error 80040818. Quite often the files which have been repaired using scanpst.exe give errors even after repairing it. Every time the user tries to access such a file, Outlook will respond with an error message. The Inbox repair tool stops the scanning process in the middle and responds that no changes were made in the corrupted file. This means that the file is still corrupt. There are various other issues which cannot be resolved by Inbox repair tool.

Instead of using the inbuilt Inbox repair tool you can easily download Inbox repair tool Outlook 2007. The Outlook PST repair tool is compatible with Windows 7, vista, Server 2003, XP, 2000 and NT4. The Outlook PST repair tool is easy to use because the user interface is similar to Microsoft Outlook. It successfully corrects each and every error of PST file. The repaired files are then saved in a new PST file at a safe location.

Each and every error needs to be fixed and Outlook PST repair tool is the only solution.

So go ahead and download Inbox repair tool Outlook 2007 named Outlook PST repair tool and repair the errors whether it be small or serious.


User Guide : How To Use Outlook Repair Software

Download and install Outlook PST Repair software. Afterward, launch it from main Interface and then, click on "Select Outlook File" to repair PST file or Click over "Find Outlook File" for searching PST file. Finally, click over "Start" button.

Now, the scanning process begins that can has been shown through status bar.

After completelion of scanning process, tool display all scanned mail folder in left pane, email messages in middle pane and its preview in right pane.

Click on "Save" icon to save the repaired PST files.

Now, a progress bar appears that shows the PST repairing process.

Finally, when the process gets completed, you got a message "Repaired PST File Saved at:..."

Outlook Inbox Repair Tool

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